Welcome to Trusted Games Oldschool Runescape

Welcome to Old School RuneScape!

We make oldschool back for you guys and this 100% FREE TO PLAY you can do all the skills what member can do! and you can scam and lure this all alowed but what not not alowed is is harassment (in the chat) We need mods for that apply on the forum for mod!

News & Updates

We update the new client and server


We update new client/server all the boss skills 40 queste works and we will update soon more


Barrows update

Dear players, After a lot of requests from players.. we are proud to say we did add Barrows to the game! Kill all 6 Barrows brothers! when you did and your Kill Count is 6 you can earn your reward! More things you like to change? go to Forum or Look the guide Your Admin's Danny,Rene, Starrplaya and Mod Prosquadz

Starting making the game

TrustedGames make oldschool back

The server going online on: 12-06-2016! take a look and have fun!